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7.5" Top Plate .........$10.00

The Cookie Swivel......$25.00

What makes The Cookie Swivel unique?

  • Cookie sized at 5 inches
  • Food Safe
  • Durable Acrylic
  • Disassembles for easy cleaning
  • Smooth glide
  • Customizable (#pimpmyswivel)
"The cookie swivel is not only an excellent, well made product, it's functionality is vital to cookie decorating. The list is long for the uses of the swivel so I'm going to tell you my top two. I absolutely love love love using it for airbrushing. The ease of the turntable makes it so much smoother when airbrushing. It also is so easy to clean, that I don't worry about overspray when using it with airbrushing. My second most favorite thing about it is when I'm working with Stencils and I want the stencil to stay in place. The pegs that are on the swivel hold my stencil in place perfectly. I love love love it. Thank you so so much for making and creating the cookie swivel . "

-Laurie Saraiva

Sugarbee Goodies

This piece attaches to the base of the original sized Cookie Swivel. 


Additional Metal Spinner.....$10.00

What cookiers have to say about The Cookie Swivel:

The Cookie Swivel is custom designed for cookiers by a cookier. This little turntable can help with all your cookie decorating needs.  The Cookie Swivel is great for airbrushing, ruffle flowers, borders and everyday decorating. While it was designed for a cookie, it is also the perfect size for cupcakes!

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Want to see it in action?

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**Please note that the additional metal spinner is not required. The Cookie Swivel comes with a metal spinner already. An additional spinner is available for purchase in case you want an extra or you have gotten your original spinner wet.**

The Cookie Swivel


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"The Cookie Swivel has made a big difference in the way I airbrush my cookies. A simple turn of the swivel plate results in continuous and even airbrushing. I look forward to using the Cookie Swivel with other cookie decorating mediums (decorating with royal icing, painting, stenciling, etc.). The Cookie Swivel is beautifully designed, extremely easy to clean, and barely takes up any space in my supply cart. It is definitely worth the price. I love it! Every cookie decorator should have one!"

-April Maliceda

Prelly cookies
"I cannot say enough great things about the cookie swivel. I use it for both airbrushing and detail work for cookies. Really helps to get an even edge when you're airbrushing. So easy to clean. It's definitely a "must have" for cookiers at every level. Hugs to you LC Sweets for making such an awesome product."